Sent on December 9, 2016


On Sunday Nov. 27 we entered into what many Christians celebrate as the Advent season.  This can be a special time of preparing for the coming of Jesus into the world. 

Although Advent is celebrated around the Christmas season, this time of reflection was not originally initiated to celebrate the birth of Jesus but rather was to prepare the way of the Lord for His second coming to earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

John the Baptist was the one who came before Jesus’ first coming into His earthly ministry.  He claimed that he was to “make straight the way of the Lord”   In other words, John felt his destiny was to create an environment that would help people receive King Jesus.

Have you ever been involved in making preparations for someone’s arrival?  One of the most embarrassing things to happen, for many people, is when someone of high esteem arrives without notice and the host isn’t ready to receive the guest. 

When I was growing up in rural PEI there were always lots of kids around who noticed everything that was going on.  I remember on occasion when one of the kids hollered, “the priest is coming down the laneway.”

Wow, what a commotion took place.  Things got picked up, shoved into draws, anything to put on a veneer of order to the house.   Even at the last moment everything had to be done to honor the presence of the expected guest. 

During this Advent season take special time to consider the fact that Jesus is coming again, not as a babe in a manger but as the One Who rules the world.   Now is the time to make preparations for His return.   

How we prepare for His coming today will dictate our ability to receive Him, whether we are here when He returns or if we go to be with Him in heaven, devotion, loyalty and friendship will help facilitate a glorious reunion with the One Who paid the price of death for our LIVES.

Love to all,

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