God Heals: Getting Through Depression and Anxiety with Spirituality

Depression and anxiety are two of the biggest health problems in the western world today.

If you’re reading this, you probably know the pain these mental health problems can cause.

Even if you haven’t experienced anxiety or depression yourself, you likely have a family member, spouse or friend who is a sufferer.


Why are depression and anxiety so common?

It’s no coincidence that as society has turned away from spirituality, depression and anxiety have become more commonplace. The deep peace and joy God offers us can’t be replaced by the short-term fixes our consumerist culture offers.


Christians can suffer too

However, although our faith helps us deal with mental health problems, being a Christian does not make you immune from suffering with depression and anxiety.

When Christians feel down, they often feel guilty too, as they feel a true Christian shouldn’t experience despair or worry.

The Bible is full of examples of righteous people who experienced stress, despair and suffering, so there’s no reason to feel guilty about feeling down.


Use this as an opportunity to grow!

While it doesn’t always feel this way at the time, painful emotions are often an opportunity to strengthen our faith and make positive changes in our lives.

We’ve put together a 26-page ebook of articles and essays about dealing with and overcoming stress, anxiety and depression with God’s help. We’d like to offer you a free copy to download.

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Stress, depression and anxiety are major problems that touch almost everyone’s lives at some point.

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