The number one thing to expect coming to Faithworks Centre is a connection.

The first thing we do is connect you with the people in your neighborhood. Everyone’s welcome to our coffee bar before the service. The coffee’s hot, and there’s enough for everyone. Catch up with your neighbors or make some new friends.

Think back to your favorite gatherings with friends. Which ones were the best? People tend to remember their times together when they’re connected to some higher purpose. Whether it’s winning the championship or catching the biggest fish – being united in a goal makes for better stories later.

Be yourself, don’t put up a facade or a front because you can expect to be received just the way you are! People will smile at you and they might hug you if you let them! You can expect to enjoy the uplifting music and the message.” – Claude Shea

That’s what we do each and every week. Some may say our goal is a big one, but it’s a sensible one to have – one we can work toward, together, in many ways. Our goal is to live better lives. To put some good intent and perspective into the things we do each day. To refocus on our priorities, and what we want our lives to stand for. It’s a task we might not ever get around to on our own, but it comes easier with the right connections.

We like to do that with our connection to a book that’s been a trusted source of spiritual guidance for thousands of years. It drives the songs we sing, the stories we tell, and the events we hold. We love to hear about it when it drives a person’s life as well. But that’s up to the person.

“The greatest value I receive is the real-life down to earth, matter of fact nature of the church. The pastor is a real person – we are all real people focusing on living a Christian life.” – Bob Burke

We connect to you through the rest of the week too. Our blog and audio broadcasts are always here for you online.

If you need to recharge, regroup, reconnect – come see us. With our diverse group of friends, chances are you’ll meet someone a lot like you. Make that connection today.


More comments on Faithworks Centre:


The greatest value I receive is stability and support – I know that no matter what happens, there are always people there to pray for us, and there is always an answer to any kind of problem we might be going through.

– Robert Ellsworth


I was encouraged to develop my personal relationship with Jesus. Prior to attending Faithworks, God was just a big tough guy trying to judge me – and I’ve learned now that He’s not that kind of guy at all!

– Claude Shea


[On how he came to join Faithworks] Well, it’s a bit of a long story! My wife at the time (now passed away) and I had just moved to Prince Edward Island and built a house there. My wife wasn’t very happy after a while – she was a very sociable person in a new place where we didn’t know many people, so we decided to put the house up for sale.

At that time, there was a man named Michael Pelkman who was a member of Faithworks. Michael lived on the same road we did, but never passed by our house as he used a different road to come and go from his home. One day, Michael got a message from God to “go up on the hill” where we lived and “tell those people not to move.” Michael told us that he didn’t even know there was a house on top of the hill at the end of our road, and I’m not sure he had even been up on top of the hill where our house was located. It was an uncomfortable situation so he tried to ignore the message for a while, but it nagged at him.

One Sunday, after church, he and his wife came up to our house on top of the hill to investigate. When he saw our house he decided to go ahead and give us the message, so he knocked on our door and finally just said it straight: “Hi, I’m Michael, and I’ve been told by God to tell you not to sell your house.” We invited him and his wife in and visited for a while. We told him that we had been looking for a church but hadn’t found one yet, so he told us about Faithworks, and that’s how we got connected with the church!

Upon coming to the church “I certainly never felt like an outsider which is one of the things I really liked about the church, and after attending for a while the church just ‘fit.'”

– Roy Sibbles


Expect to be welcomed! Sit back and enjoy the wonderful worship music and the celebration that it truly is, every time that you go there. In one word: Joy. Basically – joy in the Lord. Joy of being a part of the church, the joy of having a church family. I felt like I was a part of the church from the first time I attended on. I knew my journey led me to Faithworks for a reason: to be a part of the church and the church family. They really are a family.

– Sandra Macintosh