Sent on October 14, 2015

Can a person start out wise and finish foolish?
It is easy to imagine starting out foolish and ending up wise, but what are the things that can lead us from wisdom to foolishness?  
King Solomon started his kingship with a great endowment of wisdom from God but in his later years, when he should have become wiser, he fell from wisdom because he turned his back on the One who gave him wisdom in the first place.  
1 Kings 11:6 says, “Solomon did evil in the sight of the LORD…”
What happened to Solomon?  
It would appear that he got caught up in the things around him, mainly women, and they turned him from the God of his youth.  In his later years he no longer did the things he did at the beginning. 
Have you been there?  If you look at your life today are you as passionate about the things of heaven as you were when you first became a Christian?
 You can gauge that by the things you do.  Getting back to the basics is always a path of getting closer to Jesus. 
You have been ordained to live and breathe Jesus.   The more you get into His world the more joy you will know because you will blossom in world.
Love to all,

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