Sent on June 8, 2016

Greetings to all,

Chris Tomlin’s song Good, Good Father has touched the hearts of many. The song is so striking because it speaks of relationship with a father-figure that we crave to experience, yet is beyond our ability to comprehend.

This Father figure that we sing about in Good, Good Father is one that is so vastly different than our earthly fathers that we stumble at enjoying His perfect ability to release all that a father was meant to release to his children.

Each one of us was meant to have security, identity, destiny and hope imparted to us by our earthly fathers. We cannot blame our personal fathers because what they needed was never imparted to them; how could our earthly fathers impart something to us that they never received nor, in most cases, didn’t even realize they were lacking?

So are we doomed to be without a father’s blessing? No. Thank God, He has made a way to impart to us this sense of personal value through Jesus Christ.

You see we can reach out in faith believing that God, who is our true Father, looks on us as His personal treasure, His prized possession. He said, “I have a hope and future for you. One that will fulfil your every need.”

Today begin a journey of growing in your relationship with your Heavenly Father. He gave His very best (Jesus) so that He could have a father-son/daughter relationship with you.

Our deepest comfort is to feel comfortable in resting our head on the chest of our Father. Jesus spent His ministry revealing the heart of the Father to His people.

Father, I pray for each one reading this that they might experience Your Fatherhood blessing. That each one would feel comfortable at calling you Daddy, sensing Your approval.

Love to all,


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