Sent on March 30, 2016

Have you ever asked God for something that you have never seen come to pass—a prayer request that seemingly has had no response? Have you ever wondered if God even hears your prayers?

There are many who could testify to having many prayers answered, but there are times all of us wonder why: why haven’t we heard? Why haven’t we got an answer we were looking for? I cannot tell you why, at least to my satisfaction, but I want to share with you a healthy position to maintain while you wait for an answer.

In Luke 1 we read about the circumstances around the conception of John the Baptist, whose parents were Zacharias the priest and his wife Elizabeth. Luke 1:6 tells us that Zacharias and Elizabeth were righteous, they were walking in faithfulness, and they were blameless—yet their prayer was not yet answered and their hope to conceive a child naturally was gone.

They were too old to have a child yet even in the midst of what was hopeless in the natural, they remained faithful. Faithful to God, faithful to right living and faithful to service. It was their position of faithfulness during the dry season that qualified them to receive their miracle.

No matter what you are believing God for today you must remain faithful if you ever hope to see your miracle come to pass. Your miracle is waiting for you in the midst of faithful living.

In verse 24 we read, “Now after those days his wife Elizabeth conceived…” After those days of faithfulness her miracle came forth.

Your miracle is being conceived in your days of faithful living.

Love to all…


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