Sent on September 16, 2015

Hi All,

A couple weeks ago we had a great time of dedicating babies at our service. This is an important part of who we are as believers. There are many things that we need to make a practice of dedicating to the Lord. That is the way in which we dedicate things to someone other than ourselves.
When we dedicate things to the Lord we tap into His power to get done whatever we declare belongs to Him.

This is all for our good because as we bring joy to the heart of the Lord His joy becomes our joy, His strength becomes our strength, His victory becomes our victory.

You were made to demonstrate His victory here on the earth. There are many times when I look back at my life and say, “look what the Lord has done”. While realising you have yet to “arrive”, take notice of how the Lord has moved you towards a better life and declare, “look what the Lord has done for me”.
Love to all,

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