Sent on October 7, 2015

Have you ever thought about the life of John the Apostle? 
Compared to other apostles like Peter, Paul or even evangelists like Philip, there is no record of him doing great miracles.
We know he is mentioned as being with Peter at different times when miracles happened but nothing is really attributed to John himself.  It was Peter’s shadow that was mentioned, not John’s. 
Yet, other than Jesus, John is one of the most important characters in the scriptures. 
He is known as the apostle of love.  He was the one who leaned on Jesus’ breast at the last supper.  He was also the only one of the 12 apostles who died of old age.  His love walk kept him going a long time. 
I am convinced that it was not that John “loved” but that he knew he “was loved”.  John above all the others knew that Jesus loved him and because of this knowledge he was able to love deeply.  
That is the most important nugget you will ever come across, the truth that God, the creator of the universe loves you just the way you are.  He loves you enough to lead you to victorious living as He knows it.   
Jesus said “the Father loves the Son”.  He reminded Himself of that truth often.  The need to be loved is the strongest emotion of the human makeup.
You have been born of Love because you have been born again of God.  God is love.   Tell yourself often that God loves you, that you are loved and that you are loveable.
You are a special, created to carry & distribute the Love of God…

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