Sent on November 9, 2016

Written October 31st

Greetings to all,

November 8th will be Election Day in the United States. While many may think that has little to do with us here in Canada, many more are very concerned with the results.

It seems everyone has an opinion about the candidates. Most opinions are something far less than flattering, but then most of the information that forms these opinions are coming from media that has far less integrity than what was once thought.

Both candidates are mired in controversy, and each time a new accusation comes out, each media outlet spins the news according to what it wants the public to believe.

Regardless of who gets voted in we most likely will never know the whole story behind the election process: what is true and what is false. This seems to be a very poor way to elect a leader of such a powerful nation as the United States, or any nation for that matter.

I am thrilled to know that in the Kingdom of God, mankind has nothing to do with electing our Leader. We will not be called upon to cast a vote for who we want to rule over us.

This proves to me that democracy is not the ultimate form of government, at least not in heaven. We are invited into a kingdom that already has declared Jesus the Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

All people are given a choice of joining His kingdom or attempting to live on their own. We have all seen what mankind can do on its own but the rest of the story is that we can live in complete peace and freedom while submitting to Jesus the King.

No king has ever paid the ransom to free his citizens who were in bondage. King Jesus took the lead in the charge against the enemy to set His people free.

They killed Him, he was raised to life
They beat His body, He paid for our healing
They spilled His blood, He washed our sin away with it.
They brought Him to shame, He lifted up the head of mankind
They put Him in a tomb, He opened the prison doors.
They cast Him into the depths of the earth, HE RAISED MANKIND TO HEAVEN’S BEST!

Now that’s the rest of the story.

Love to all… pb

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