Sent on May 3rd, 2017

Greetings to all:

Do you want to make a major transition in life? Maybe you want to shift jobs, or move to a different location. Perhaps you desire to have a major shift in your marriage situation; I don’t mean ending your marriage, I mean transforming your marriage into something that is beautiful before God.
There are so many parts of our lives that we might want to change, and in many cases, a change would be beneficial. Anyone who desires change must consider the present in order to make a change. What are you doing in your present in order to see the shift you want to see in the future?
In the Bible, we read about Elisha coming into the greatest transition in his life. The prophet Elijah was about to come by him and throw his mantle on Elisha, which was Elisha’s calling to his destiny (1 Kings 19:19).
It is important for us to take notice of what Elisha was doing at the time Elijah came by. The Bible says Elisha was plowing the ground. He was found diligently working in his present situation; he was honoring the position he was in.
When we are seeking for a transition to take place in our lives, we must be found honoring our present season if we are ever going to graduate to a higher calling. Elisha was plowing the ground in his old season.
In your present situation it might seem like you are just plowing daily in order to keep your head above water, but remember if you are plowing with integrity, believing for God’s blessing on your plowing, you are getting your soil ready to receive the seed for your harvest of transition.
The secret of transitioning into something greater is in living the daily routine with honor and respect. First of all, respect for God, then respect for yourself and others.
A woman who was in need of much emotional healing once told me that she allowed others to treat her with disrespect because she thought so little of herself. Once she received some healing, she decided that when she got out of bed she would make her bed—something she had never done before. She said, “I decided that when the day is over I deserve get into a well-made bed.”
Often a little action taken towards respecting who God made you to be can cause a shift that will change your life. When you start seeing your true worth, you will find people desiring your presence and honoring your values.
“And what does the LORD require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).
As you plow the ground for your next harvest of transition, serve well, love God and thank Him for your next season.
Love… pb

One positive change that you can make right away is to start each day with prayer. See this article for some ideas: 5 Morning Prayers to Start Your Day Off Right.