Sent on May 22, 2015

Hi everyone,

What a day to be alive! 

We are looking forward to the most powerful season in history. 

The world may be in turmoil with all the warlike activity happening in places like Syria, but in the midst of all this we find peace because of what Jesus opened up to us.  In times of world tragedy (like 9/11) we say that those experiences often help get our priorities straightened out. In other words, the little things we complained about no longer hold the importance that they did before the tragedy. 

That is also true about the excitement of God’s agenda as well. When God invades your life everything changes.   When the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost everything changed for the disciples of Jesus.  They were released into a freedom and joy to the point that their priorities now revolved around the fellowship of believers.  There was great JOY within the community of believers.
Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. This is a time that we reflect on what happened in Acts chapter 2, and bring the experience/power of that day into today. 
In Lu 5:15 the Bible says,  “… great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by Him of their infirmities.“
On Sunday, may we come together to hear and to be empowered by Him to live a free, joy-filled life.


PS. Here is the 5 minute mini version of Pastor Fletcher’s message last Saturday night.
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