Sent on July 31, 2015

Hi All,

I trust your faith is alive, launching you into new adventures for the days ahead. I believe that believers will be required to “live by faith” in the days ahead more so than what many have been used to.

Yesterday, I encountered a guy that I’d met in Brazil who worked in the oil industry for 35 years. Because of the downturn in the price of oil, he was recently laid off. After 35 years that can be quite traumatic.

Many times we live pretty much free from concern in having our needs met, but when something out of the ordinary happens we then get an indication of what we actually believe.

There are those who say that it was the persecution of the early church that caused it to grow, but in Act 9:31 it says that the churches experienced peace and were built up, walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit and multiplied.

This tells me that it is in times of peace that we can be strengthened in faith in order to be strong in times of difficulty.

Now is the time to become strong in Him and in His Word..

Blessing on your day. Love to all…pb

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