Sent on October 29, 2015

Dear All,
Recently I went to visit my mom.  It had been just over two weeks since I had last seen her.  When I went into her room I was shocked at how weak she was, how things had changed in such a short time.
My mom is in her 88th year. She seems to have gotten tired of living and I believe she is spending more and more time thinking about the other side.  As I heard one person say about her own condition, “I’m at the jumping off place”.
Although she is very weak, there doesn’t seem to be one bit of anxiousness or fearfulness about leaving this world.   She is on her way to heaven and her thoughts are on what’s next. 
It would be very sad if all of life on earth came down to this only, but the apostle Paul tells us another story.  He got thinking about the other side and said “I am caught between staying here with you or to depart to be with the Lord, which is far better.” 
This really is what makes this life so exciting.  We are blessed as a people of God while we are here yet. Even after this life is over, we have something so wonderful that the best thing in this world will pale in comparison. 
The best way to get the most out of this life is to be preparing for the best. Heaven’s experience awaits us.
Jesus said to store up treasures in heaven. This week, try to “set your minds on things above and not on earthly things”.  Allow thoughts of heaven to enter your mind so you can experience the best life possible.
I love my mom and I am thrilled she is in a safe place, full of peace wrapped in the love of God.
Love to all,

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