Sent on December 23, 2015

“Joy to the world! The Lord has come. Let earth receive her King.”
While these lyrics touch the very heart of what we believe, there are many who sing this song without giving any consideration to the meaning of such an awesome proclamation.  For many people, lyrics like these are nothing more than fun songs to sing.
When you don’t know the true meaning of a Christian song, symbol or tradition, it can take on a completely different meaning.
There was a pastor who was offering a series of children’s sermons on the symbols in a liturgical church. On one Sunday the pastor was speaking about vestments and asked the question, “Why do you think I wear this collar?” To this question came a 5-year-old’s response, “Because it kills fleas and ticks for up to 5 months.”
This funny story speaks to us of how opinions are formed around whatever knowledge we possess.  Today, many form ideas about the Christmas season that are based on shopping and gift-gifting rather than on the coming of Jesus.  Many just don’t know. 
The challenge today is to take every opportunity to bring people knowledge of the reason for the season. 
May His presence be on everyone’s heart as gifts are opened and family meals are enjoyed together. 
May Jesus be acknowledged at every meal and at every gathering in every home.  
May the coming of the New Year be filled with hope and peace.
Love to all,

P.S. Here’s a new article on the Faithworks blog about Keeping Christ in Christmas:

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