Sent on January 13, 2016

“We are into now.” What do I mean by that? 
Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and realized that although you really liked them you knew that they were not good for you. 
Or perhaps you have been in a business with someone where you found that after a number of dealings you could no longer have this person as a business partner because their way of doing business was against your values. 
Once you get to that point, you are really “into it,” because getting out of the relationship or circumstance will usually cause you some degree of pain. 
There are some things that you need to cut off in life if you are going to go forward in the things of the Kingdom of God. 
When we think about giving things up, we usually think of some sin that has been hindering us.
While this is important, there may also be areas in our lives that we couldn’t count as sin but that are still holding us back from experiencing more of God’s grace and presence.   
Jesus never allowed anyone to hold Him back from His mission.
He rebuked Peter, who by this time was a close personal friend, and called him Satan when Peter tried to divert Him from His Father’s will. 
Everyone had to come around to Jesus’ way of doing things or be cut off, because Jesus never deviated from His calling.
We are already into 2016 but we can still shift our priorities if they do not line up with “seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”
God has a plan and His plan is to see you be all you can be reflecting His glory on the earth. 
You are empowered for greatness, so stretch for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Your victory is already won and is waiting for you. 
His blessings are waiting to run you down…
Love to all,
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