Greetings to all,

There is a funny video clip about a German radio operator who is listening to an English sailor making a distress call from a sinking vessel. The sailor is saying “we’re sinking, we’re sinking” the German radio operator says “what are you thinking about”.

There are a number of messages in this little clip that encourages people to get a good handle on communication. This sailor is in distress, his ship is going down, and the one who can help is getting the wrong message.

Have you ever felt “that’s me he’s talking about”? Have you ever felt that nobody understands? According to a Canadian fact sheet on mental health, “The year it is predicted that depression will become the second leading cause of disability in the world (next to heart disease): 2020.”

For a society that is so blessed, to have a statistic like this speaks of broken communication. The reason for this broken communication is not because people are not listening but because people are getting wrong information from questionable sources.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6). While there are many voices coming into our homes (actually worming their way into our homes through the internet highway) we must decide to believe on Jesus and the provision He has made for us. Jesus has provided for us those who love us and want to communicate on a meaningful and understanding level.

Many times we might feel helpless because we don’t feel like we are being heard, that people don’t understand what we are going through. If that’s you then maybe it just might be a communication problem.

Firstly, ask yourself these question.

  1. Does anyone love me?
  2. Does anyone desire to help me? Are they willing to do what they can to help?
  3. Do I have others around me who are relatively well-balanced people?

If you have answered in the affirmative to any of these questions you have wonderful resources to help you change whatever situation you are in.

Secondly, begin to communicate with people you can trust and allow Jesus to minister to you through the precious resources He has place in your life.

Be determined not to be among the statistics quoted above. Rejoice in the goodness God has placed in your life. His banner over you is love and there is nothing that can move you from the canopy of His lovingkindness.
You are blessed… love to all…
– pb

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