Sent on August 7, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Jesus asked the question, “When I return will I find faith on the earth?”
He would never have asked that question if there was no possibility for faith to have been diminished to a meaningless form.

Jesus asked his question in the context of teaching about being persistent in prayer. I believe He was saying:
“In the time of My return, will there be people on the earth who are crying out to heaven for righteousness to invade earth? Or will everyone on earth have become so conformed to the world that there is no one left to pray, ‘Your kingdom come Your will be done on the earth’?”

Although the world will always challenge our faith in God we can rest assured that God has placed in us a faith that cannot be moved by the world’s influences if we hold fast to His word and delight in HIs Presence.
As a born-again child of God you carry the very faith of God within your spirit. Therefore you have all you need to live a victorious life in Christ. God is looking for champions today and He has placed His mantle on you to shine brightly declaring His righteousness.

Sunday morning we will look deeper into how God’s faith is gloriously transforming you into His image that will change your world.

Love to all… pb

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