Sent on January 18, 2017

Greetings to all,

I expect we all have some memories that we would like to live again, even if just for a moment. A day at the beach that was out of the ordinary or having a special moment with a loved one. Maybe it’s a special school year that you remember.

Although we all have memories that we might like to visit again, we usually acknowledge that even if we could do it again it wouldn’t be the same. Why? Because we are not the same, we have grown; life happens to change us.

Many years ago my wife and I were involved in a close-knit group of believers who met every week. We enjoyed one another’s company and learned from each other. Eventually our group was disbanded, some moved to different parts of the country and we no longer remained connected.

A few years later I connected with one of the group and he told me how he longed for those days when we were all together. Thinking about his comments made me go back to those happy times but I realized that what happened back then would never work in our lives again. As good as it was, it was time to move on.

I believe our relationship with God can often be based on old experiences that were meant for a season, but in order to enter into the new we must let them go. God always has new adventures for us to experience. Just like old memories, they may not have been as good as you remember.

You are alive in 2017 and the best is yet to come. In Luke 5:39 Jesus says, “And no one, having drunk old wine, immediately desires new; for he says, ‘The old is better.’” Those past experiences, regardless of how good you remember them to be, must not keep you back from entering the new.

You have been born for the new; God is on the move in your life and if you will stay close to Him He will transform you to experience the very best you, you could possibly be.

Don’t settle for the good in the past when you can have the best of the future.

Love to all…

P.S. Here is a thought-provoking article on how our relationship with God changes: Understanding Your Seasons With God

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