Support the vision of Faithworks Centre/  Transforming People and Society

Become a partner – if you would like to get behind this vision with your support there are a number of ways you can do it.  

#1 Financially 

This ministry functions 100% on donations from people like you.  Our email list is growing quickly and the costs for infrastructure increase as more people get added to the list.  The weekly email goes out to over 2,400 people per week.  

These are inspirational, Christian messages that are sent out with the aim of helping to fulfill the vision of Transforming People and Society.  We often get replies from people saying, “That was just what I needed to hear today!”  

We would also like to create more eBooks and be able to promote them to get these free eBooks into people’s hands who need them.  Click here to become a financial partner. If you would like to make a one-time donation, click here.

#2 Create Content  

Written: You can write articles that fit within the vision of Transforming People and Society.  There are also five main values that support the vision of Transforming People and Society which you can write about.  You can interview church leaders across the country.  If you have a skill of talking to people and finding out what they think, this is a great step.  Interviews provide interesting content and will be a great way to further the vision.

Design/graphics:  There are a number of programs being run in order to further the vision.  These programs can use some of your graphic design talents to make them look great.