Sent on December 28, 2016

Greetings to all,

2016 is fading quickly now, only a few days left. Many will be reflecting on the things that happened during the past year. There will be some things to hold onto and bring into 2017 but there will be other situations that you have gone through that you would rather leave in the past.

It is important to leave that which no longer imparts life to the past. Jesus said you cannot pour new wine into old wine skins; if you do the new wine will cause the old wine skin to burst and then both the new wine and the old wine skin will be ruined (Matthew 9:17). 

There are some new things that God wants you to enter into in 2017, therefore you must realize that there are some old things that must be left behind. They could be old habits that are not good for you.

Like one lady in our congregation who recently was challenged by the Lord to quit after 35 years of smoking. She laid that habit down and is now entering into 2017 released from bondage to nicotine.

On the other hand, there may be some things that once brought you life and for a season it was very helpful, but that season is past and now God wants you to move forward. Take notice of what has become stale and consider leaving behind that which was good in the last season but must not be brought into where God is leading you.

This could be an old relationship that has become a drain on you. Some relationships (like marriage) are really worth giving everything you’ve got in order to make it work. Other relationships might keep you down and hold you back from God’s best.

In these last few days of the year, reflect on what you want to bring into the new year and take action to prepare your future with hope and vitality for the greatness that God has called you too.

You are God’s unique vessel to pour out His love, peace and grace to those around you and in the process of your gift being poured out you receive back the greater blessing.

Remember “it is the Lord your God Who gives you the ability to get wealth (prosperity in every area of life) so He may establish His covenant on the earth” (Deuteronomy 8:18).

Happy New Year…

Love to all…


P.S. Laurette O’Connor wrote a great piece for the Faithworks blog on taking stock of the past year and preparing to make progress next year. Read it here: Annual Inventory Stock Taking

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