Annual Inventory Stock Taking

Have you ever worked in an establishment that takes stock every year?

It’s quite an undertaking, but so good for the manager to see how his business is doing.

This really helps to see which was a good product and in demand, and which there’s no longer any use for.

Can you imagine the amount of time it must take to count what’s currently on the floor, what’s down in the basement in storage and factor in what has been sold or returned?

The establishment needs to close down for however long this procedure takes… painful and tedious as it is.

We, as Christians, need to do this in our very own lives as we see the New Year dawning.

Let’s take stock at the nine gifts we’ve been given from the Lord: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, meekness, temperance and self-control.

It’s crucial to take the necessary time out with a close friend or mentor to find out what was strength and what was weakness in our lives to see if we’re still in the same place we were this time last year.

If you can’t find a friend to counsel you, ask the Holy Spirit; He is total truth, and cannot lie.

What changes did we make or accomplish, if any?

Where weaknesses still apply, we need to re-order; take back lost ground.

The Lord did say if we ask, we shall receive, and He freely gives.

Sounds like free shipping in my eyes, so let’s take advantage of the offer and get this job done, ready to open up for new business in our upcoming New Year.

~ By Laurette O’Connor

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