What millennials want from church

What Millennials Want from Church

Millennials are the current generation of young adults—most often categorized as those being born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s. Millennials are also noted as belonging to a generation that: Is extremely tech savvy and tech-dependent Is driven towards career advancement in a particular field rather than loyalty...

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What each generation can bring to the church

What Each Generation Can Bring to the Church

Emma Bell. Hazel Farley. Gary and Joan Baker. Gloria Huskey. Ginnie Carrolla. Tessie Parker. Albert Hale. Shirley Salts. Mr. Farley. Zach Mace. Mr. O’Neal. Judy Penfield. Sue Stoll. Rosie and Jerry Lane. These are just a few of the folks who, along with my parents and grandparents, took the time...

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