Tell It Like It Is

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Mini Sermon

Why would we have to preach something about “tell it like it is”? Shouldn’t we always tell it like it is?

Often things are a little bit off-centre because people want to be so careful to say things in a way that gives them an advantage rather than be truthful. It’s important to tell it like it is and not hold anything back.

If we’re more concerned about making someone feel good rather than telling them what they need to know, then we are holding back who Jesus is. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”.

It is pride that separates us from God, and the senses that bind us to the earth. If we only believe in our senses, we can’t understand the things of the spirit. We’re not called to be sensual; we’re called to be spiritual.

The truth might be uncomfortable, but it will set you free.

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