Letters From God: He is Good

Make way, make way for the flesh to be pushed aside like a curtain, in order to step into the spirit and all it entails.

When you do, it will applaud you for coming thus far. Not only that, but it will show you all that’s available to you.

For you see, you have stepped into the Power and Glory The Lord has provided. It is here you stand on the springboard in order to bless and help others. It is here you fill your heart with all the good you need, and rid yourself of all that contaminates and corrupts.

You have tasted this and know it’s truth; it’s worth; it’s need.

Now, – go, – show, – and tell others so they may experience – to be able to ‘taste and see’ what The Lord has done, and will do, and that He is good!

~ Laurette O’Connor


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    ROSA L SCOTT says

    I am thankful to the almighty God for allowing me to see this post.

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