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Hi All

I TRUST you are having a grand day.

Trust is a word that encompasses deep conviction. A Hebrew word for trust in scripture is batach baw-takh’ its meaning is “to have confidence in, to be bold, to be secure”

In Psalm 37: 3 we are exhorted to ‘trust in the LORD, and do good;..”

Why does the writer tell us to do good right after telling us to trust in the Lord?

Very often we can be challenged to act in ways that are contrary to “doing good.” We might be asked to do something that is cheating or somehow against the law, or we might just be tempted to do something, in order to have personal advantage, that is not completely honest. When these temptations come it is important to lean back and “trust in the Lord”. Trust that in doing the right thing God sees and He sees to it that we live on a higher plane for doing good.

This Hebrew word mentioned for trust also means “to feel safe” Don’t you feel so much safer when you know that you have done everything you know to do in an upright and honest fashion. Even when we fail it is great to know that we did everything we could to honor God in the process.

Right living attracts the favour of our Awesome God…

You are blessed…..pb

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