The importance of dads in Christian families

The Importance of Dads in Christian Families

Jennell Houts The importance of fathers in families is common knowledge. Statistics consistently show that when a dad is present and active in a kid’s life, that child is less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors and is more likely to grow up with a sense of self-discipline. Additionally, when...

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5 ways to love God more

5 Ways to Love God More

Jennell Houts If you’re like me, you want to love God more, but you’re not quite sure how to go about making that happen. What does that look like, anyway? In John 14:15, Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” Therefore, obeying God is connected to loving Him....

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Does God want you to suffer?

Does God want you to Suffer?

Kim Thompson-Pinder Will you suffer in this life? The answer is yes you will. Nobody can escape suffering, but we can use these times of struggle to draw nearer to God. Many people ask how a loving God could allow so much suffering in the world. Does God want us...

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Christian advice for young men

7 Pieces of Advice for Young Men

Young people are given all kinds of messages today about what’s important or right. From movies to music and tweets to texts, teenagers and young adults are bombarded with countless ideas and suggestions, most of which don’t honor God. In the midst of all of this, how is a godly...

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Finding time for God

7 Ways to Find Time for God

Trina Wilkinson We want to be close to God. We want to become like Him. We want to know His will for us. We want to know His doctrines better. We want to study the scriptures more. And we will… tomorrow. We are just so busy today! But tomorrow keeps...

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Are Faith and Science Incompatible?

Are Faith and Science Incompatible?

Trina Wilkinson Faith versus Science. They are often paired against each other. Scientists argue that faith can’t be proven and therefore is false. People with faith have felt the quiet assurance from the Spirit and know the truth, but can’t prove it to the scientists. Sometimes arguments ensue. Is there...

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Trusting God when times are tough

Trusting God When Times are Tough

Jennell Houts How do you trust God during difficult times? If God is good, then why do we go through bad times? It’s easy to trust God when everything is going great, but when things aren’t going well, we can struggle to keep our faith. Remember Who God Is Trusting...

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On being a Christian entrepreneur

On Being a Christian Entrepreneur

Kim Thompson-Pinder Did you know that being an entrepreneur is a calling from God, just like any other vocation? It can be easy to miss the fact that business owners can have a lot of influence in the community. One of the Most Famous Christian Entrepreneurs Have you ever heard...

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7 ways to find joy instantly

7 Ways to Find Joy Instantly

Jennell Houts It’s not easy to keep your joy when everywhere you look there’s trouble, bad news and hurting people. Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed by the trials of life, and finding joy in the midst of trouble can seem impossible. But instead of letting anxiety and fear control us,...

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Making sense of suffering

Making Sense of Suffering

Delnita McDavid If God is love, why is there so much suffering in the world? This question has been asked countless times by individuals belonging to different codes of faith and systems of belief. It is hard for the human mind to grasp how a loving God could permit the...

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