7 Ways to Find Time for God

We want to be close to God. We want to become like Him. We want to know His will for us. We want to know His doctrines better. We want to study the scriptures more. And we will… tomorrow. We are just so busy today!

But tomorrow keeps waiting, and today is always so busy in this hectic world we live in. So many commitments. So many activities. So many expectations. And God is quietly waiting while other deadlines scream for our attention…

What is the solution? What can we do? Here are seven ways I have used to find time for God in the midst of my busy life.

Listening to the Scriptures

Having a hard time sitting down to actually study and read the scriptures each day? Sometimes I listen to the Scriptures. I use an app on my phone that reads them to me, often while I am getting ready for the day, or cleaning up at the end of the day. It’s not the same in-depth study as actually reading the Bible, but it’s great! I can listen for shorter or longer lengths, and pick up again from where I left off.

I notice different things from listening than I do from reading. Sometimes things will impress me just from hearing someone else using different intonations. Sometimes I can listen to numerous chapters consecutively, which I am not often able to do while reading. This allows me to gain the bigger view of what is happening, and cover the entire story of a prophet’s life.

Listening to Christian Music

In my house we listen to inspiring, motivating Christian music. I find myself humming and singing the songs, and have also heard my children singing the lyrics. I like that these are the thoughts and words going through our heads each day! This brings more peace into our home and definitely brings us closer to the Savior.

Time with the Children

For those of us who have children, including them in a “Finding God” activity is the best! When I do this, not only am I myself coming closer to God but I am teaching my children how to find God. Children love to hear music and gospel stories. My daughter often asks me to play church with her. She loves it! She leads us in songs, and gives lessons—repeating what she has learned in church. I love to see how attending church influences her play and her thoughts!

I also love to watch short Christian movies with my children. They love seeing short stories about Jesus and singing along to the songs on the movie. Reading children Bible stories is great too.

I have also cherished the time I could spend with God when my children were babies. I found that babies give me lots of time to meditate and pray while holding, feeding, and snuggling them. A time to relax and hide away from the bustle of life—just admiring the little spirit who so recently arrived from heaven.

Driving, Running, Exercising

At different times in my life I have found myself participating frequently in the same activity for an extended time. Sometimes commuting took lots of time, other times I was in the habit of going running by myself.

This is all perfect time to use if you want to be closer to the Lord! Turn off the radio, turn off the distractions—use the time to pray and meditate! I have prayed some of my best prayers while running. That is when my mind is alert, active and listening. I have also found that playing a motivational, spiritual talk while exercising is helpful. Not only does it motivate me spiritually, but it physically motivates me to finish the workout so I can listen and learn from the talk!

Thoughts and Scriptures Posted on the Wall

My children are learning to read and to help them learn I post words on the wall by the kitchen table. Every time they sit down to eat they like to read the words quickly. In fact, they have decided that whenever they are sitting, reading the cards is a must. It made me think—why don’t I post a verse of Scripture and we could read and memorize that each time too? Just a couple minutes each day and my children would have a plethora of memorized Scriptures!

And it’s worked! I also have friends who hang Scripture cards on the bathroom mirror to read and memorize while brushing their teeth. These all fit easily into your schedule, and give you something positive to think about throughout the day.

Quick Prayers throughout the Day

Whenever I get in the habit of quick, genuine prayers in my heart at the start and throughout the day, I feel closer to my Savior. When a problem arises, I say a quick prayer in my heart, asking for help and for guidance. When something wonderful happens, I say a quick prayer in my heart and thank Him!

When I notice an extra-beautiful sunrise, or a blossoming flower I thank him and express wonder at His creations. When I succeed at doing this throughout the day I feel more joy, more gratitude, and see His hand in my life.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the most important thing we can do, yet sometimes it is the hardest because of our procrastination! Plan ahead to ensure success for the big spiritual moments you are looking for. If your goal is to study the scriptures, plan it into your day. Set the schedule and make it a priority. If you are having a hard time getting to church, prepare the day before so your family will be ready. Set out the clothes, set the alarm, and decide beforehand that it will happen!

God is quietly waiting! We just need to form the habits to find Him each day. In Revelations 3:20 John speaks the words of Jesus, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” He is here. Let’s find time for Him! Let’s open the door!

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    Jacob Joel says

    Thanks for the helpful post. I think these are all great ideas.
    I used to be a sceptic of praying while driving, running or exercising. When a friend first suggested to me that I pray while commuting, I objected that I couldn’t stay focused. I would get distracted and only remember 20 minutes later that I had intended to pray. My friend suggested a prayer audio track, which I tried and it worked. It helped me turn my commute into a regular time of prayer. Eventually, I wanted to come up with a better way to update the audio track and so I created an app called Pray On The Go. It’s only iPhone for now, but perhaps it could help someone else trying to make use of their drive time to pray.

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