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4 Prayers for Christmas

I believe scripture clearly tells us that the most God-honored prayers are the prayers that come from our heart. This truth means that I’m not a fan of recited prayers, but I know that oftentimes people don’t feel they know how to talk to God or find themselves at a complete loss for words.

Jesus knew that, too. That’s why he gave us the model prayer we call “the Lord’s Prayer”.

Staying within that same mindset, I want to take a few minutes to offer you and your family four model prayers to use this Christmas season—model prayers that will help you offer praise to the King of Kings who came to us a baby to save us, His people, from our sins.

The four prayers are:

  1. A Christmas prayer for the family
  2. A Christmas prayer for parents
  3. A Christmas prayer for those in the military
  4. A Christmas prayer for children

A Christmas prayer for the family

LORD, thank you for sending your son, Jesus, to the earth to live, teach, heal, die, and come back to life.

We pray that our family will use this Christmas season to truly celebrate your birth in such a way that you will be glorified and that others will see the true reason for the season.

LORD, we pray that we will think less of ourselves and more of others—that we will share the many blessings you have given us in the way of food, money, and material possessions with those who are in need.

We pray you will use us to spread joy, to give hope, and to show love the way Jesus did when he lived on the earth.

LORD, as we think about the night Jesus was born in a dirty, smelly barn, to a young mother who had to be scared, excited, unsure, and in complete awe, we pray we will be grateful every single day of our lives for what she went through.

We pray that we will have the courage and excitement the shepherds felt that night every day of our lives—courage and excitement to share the good news of Jesus with everyone we can in some way or another.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

A Christmas prayer for parents

LORD, thank you for the season of Christmas.

Thank you for what it means—for the fact that we are celebrating the birth of your son, Jesus.

Thank you for sending him to us in such a special, yet simple way.

LORD, I want to thank you also for the blessing of being a parent. As a parent I can easily imagine the rollercoaster of emotions Mary and Joseph felt that night.

Worry, excitement, fear, awe, nervousness, and that amazing unconditional love that washes over you when you hold your baby for the first time. I know they felt it, but oh, to know how special their baby was surely made it indescribable.

LORD, as we go through this Christmas season, I ask that you make me conscious and aware of teaching my children to recognize Jesus’ birth first and foremost.

I ask that you give me prudence in my spending so that I do not give excessively, but rather teach my children that simple gifts that bring pleasure and that are useful are enough.

I pray that as a parent I will teach my children to give unselfishly and to think of others rather than just of themselves.

LORD, I ask that you use me to set an example to my children and all those around me of what Christmas is truly meant to be about—the joy and hope of salvation, sharing the good news of the Gospel, and giving an extra measure of love.

But I also ask that I would remain mindful of these things all throughout the coming year and that I would use this Christmas as a new beginning to be a better steward of what you bless us with and to be a better example of sharing the joy and spirit of Christmas all through the year.

Thank you, LORD, for this beautiful season of color, lights, music, festivities, and remembering.

In your son’s name, I pray, amen.

A Christmas prayer for those in the military

LORD, thank you for the Christmas season and what it means.

Thank you for sending your son, Jesus, to earth to live a sinless life and die a guiltless death for me and for everyone who accepts him as Saviour.

LORD, you above all others know what I’m feeling right now in being separated from my family during this special time of year.

You know the heartache and longing I feel to hug them and to see their faces, to eat with them, and to just be near them.

I pray for your strength and comfort for me and for them during the Christmas season, and I pray that you will give us a sense of closeness in spite of the miles that separate us.

LORD, we sing about peace on earth and good will toward men during this time of year, but LORD, I earnestly pray for these things to come.

I pray that what I’m doing is for you and that through me and my fellow soldiers we can bring peace to the extent that it can exist in a sinful world.

LORD, protect me so that I can return home to those I love, and protect my loved ones while I am far from them.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A Christmas prayer for children

Dear God, thank you for Christmas.

Thank you for sending Jesus to Mary and Joseph so that he could grow up to save me from my sins.

Thank you for the songs and lights, and everything else that is Christmas, but God, please let me always remember that the most important thing about Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.

Help me to share with others, love others, and be thankful for the presents I get.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

~ By Darla Noble

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