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Here on the east coast we have just experienced the Journey of Freedom tour coming through our region. It was a wonderful experience to hear the testimonies of forgiveness expressed by our First Nations’ people. I believe this journey is the most significant step to date in the process of seeing the native peoples of Canada rise to their God ordained place of Gate Keepers in the land.

Canada’s call of bringing healing to the nations can only be fulfilled if we have gone through our own process of healing by dealing with our past. Those of the First Peoples, who have decided to move forward by releasing forgiveness are forerunners of deliverance that flow through communities releasing the power of God, enabling forgiveness to have it’s perfect work.

Canada’s ability to bring healing will be directly related to the healing of our First Peoples.

The June 11th Forgiven Summit in Ottawa will mark a turning point in our history. Please be in prayer concerning this important event.

Recently one of our intercessors had a vision, she saw a huge headdress of a First Nations chieftain laying on the land. In the centre of the this headdress a fire began to burn cleansing the land of it’s defilement. The Lord is using this demonstration of forgiveness released by our First Peoples to cleanse the our land.

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