If you’ve ever helped around the house as a kid, I’m sure you’ve heard those words before!

And as you’re gathering it all up, haven’t you been tempted to think, “How much trash can there be since the last time?”

What about us and our own mental trash? Do we divide up information coming in the way we separate everything into waste, compost, recyclable? We should!

The need to quickly recognize what can come in and what needs to get out before it begins to break down and putrify is what could make or break us.

Sound like rubbish to you? Okay then, let’s begin to look at some of trash that has never been taken care of and see what damage it has already produced. What about the thought when you were told you’re stupid. Or lazy? Or slow as molasses going up the hill in January? What about if you were told your parents wished you would have been a boy instead of a girl, or vice-versa?

This the tip of the iceberg for some, and it’s imperative that we not only look to take out our trash, but also help others with theirs as well. You wonder where to begin? Let’s look at Philippians 4:8 “Believers, whatever is: true, honorable, worthy of respect, right and confirmed by God’s Word, pure, wholesome, lovely, brings peace, admirable, and of good repute, if there’s any excellence – anything worthy of praise….think continually on these things – center your mind on them, and implant them in your heart.”

Everything else gets thrown out before it begins to pollute! How well I know the job of dredging through the old rubbish to oust it, but it is well worth the effort. Don’t be afraid to begin…..your heart will thank you for it. After all, it was just rubbish to begin with!

Written by Laurette O’Connor


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    Marlene says

    That is beautiful…thank you for sharing..

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    Henry says

    Awesome. Phi 4 vs 8 got me. Thanks.

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    Mary says


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    Henry Lartey says

    That’s great…Yahweh bless you for sharing

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