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Why We Celebrate Easter

The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. ~Matthew 28:5-6.

This is the reason we celebrate Easter—the fact that Jesus is alive—that death could not keep him in the grave. Actually, this is “just” part of the reason we celebrate Easter. It is the reason Jesus was in the grave in the first place that we are able to celebrate. The reason we should be celebrating with every ounce of our being.

Christians often assume everyone knows the significance of Easter from a religious point of view. But the truth of the matter is that in today’s world, a little more than one-fourth of Americans don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead.

Even among the people who say they believe Jesus is God’s son and that he was resurrected from the dead, only a third regularly worship, study, fellowship, and serve in the local church.

To these folks, Easter is about egg hunts, bunnies, baskets filled with candy treats, and wearing new pastel-colored clothing while enjoying said activities.

But whether you are an unbeliever or only a casual believer, I am honored to be the one sharing the truth of Easter with you. It is my privilege and responsibility to share with you the who, what, how, and why of Easter…


Easter is the weekend designated to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is the one and only son of God. He was born to the Virgin Mary, raised by Mary and her husband Joseph, in the same way they raised their other children.

Jesus lived a sinless life. He began his ministry of spreading the message of God’s love and will for our lives following his baptism in the Jordan River by his cousin John, at about the age of thirty.

For three years he healed those who needed healing, did more miraculous things than could be recorded (John 21:25), preached, admonished, and mentored to all who would listen.


Easter begins on Good Friday—the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. The celebration concludes on Sunday morning as we celebrate his resurrection from the dead just as God promised it would happen.

Easter is a celebration of victory over the natural by the super-natural holiness of Jesus. It is a celebration of victory over sin, because sin and Satan have no power over death.  Only God does.


God is the holy, almighty, all-powerful creator and ruler of the universe. Easter is possible only because God is God.


Easter happened because of God’s love for us. God’s holiness cannot allow him to be in the company of sin. But his desire to be with you and me is so great that he sacrificed his perfect and sinless son, Jesus, in death on the cross as a sacrificial payment for our sins. Now we can know God the Father and his son Jesus in a personal way, and spend the rest of eternity with him!

The words of a song written by Dottie Rambo sum it up better than I can, so as I bring this to a close, I want pray you will let the words sink into your heart, letting them lead you to celebrating the life, death, and the renewed and forever life of Jesus. Let it lead you to celebrate your own new life by accepting God’s gift of salvation through Jesus.

~ Article by Darla Noble

He left the Splendor of Heaven,
Knowing His destiny
Was the lonely hill of Golgotha;
There to lay down His life for me.
If that isn’t love
the ocean is dry.
There’s no stars in the sky
and the sparrow can’t fly.
If that isn’t love
Then Heaven’s a myth.
There’s no feeling like this,
If that isn’t love.

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