A Morning Prayer for Your Family

You know what they say about breakfast—that it’s the most important meal of the day. But I’m here to tell you there’s something even more important than breakfast when it comes to getting your family’s day off to the best possible start. It’s prayer.

We are God’s creation. So regardless of how much (or little) thought we put in to the fact that all we have we owe to God, it would behoove us all to develop and maintain a solid, genuine, consistent line of communication with him. Again… that’s prayer.

While you will likely need to insert your own particular circumstances, desires, and ‘items’ in each section, I want to encourage you to start each day off with a prayer much like the one that follows:

Father in heaven, I want to thank you for this day.

Thank you for the rest you provided us last night that will help us to face the challenges that might come and to have the strength to be the person you created.

Father, I want to thank you for being you. You are holy, all-knowing, and perfect. You are the creator of all and what you have created is beautiful.

I thank you for always being here for me and my family. I thank you for your constant oversight and for never giving up on us—even when you’d have every right to.

Thank you for never withholding your love and most of all, thank you for loving us enough to sacrifice your precious son, Jesus, on the cross, so that our sins would not have to separate us from you for all eternity if we accept your gift of salvation.

Father, I come to you right now asking forgiveness for the sins in my life. I am sorry for the things I do to hurt you and to dishonor your name.

Right now I ask specifically that you forgive me for ___________.

Please allow me to let these things go and give me the strength to not be tempted to choose any way but your way.

Father, I thank you for the wonderful people you’ve put in my life (name them by name). I am thankful for the way they love me, the joy they bring to my life, the way they hold me accountable, the help they give, for being able to trust and confide in them, and for their willingness to accept me for who I am.

Father, please give me a heart that is everything to them that they are to me.

I come to you now asking that you hear my prayers on behalf of those I love. I ask you now, Father, that if it be your will you will (specifically pray for those you need to pray for).

Father, I also ask that if it be your will you will bless me with (ask specifically for the desires of your heart).

Father, I know you give us free will to choose you. And I do. I choose you.

I want to live the life you created me to live. I want to be your willing servant. I want to be salt and light to all those I come in contact with. Watch over my heart and mind so that I do just that.

Father, be with my family today. Watch over them. Protect them. Guide their steps, their words, their thoughts, and their actions. (Pray specifically for each member of your family.)

Father, while I pray these things believing, my prayer of prayers is for faith so strong that I will trust wholly and completely in you.

I know your ways are always best, so please give me the faith necessary to trust you completely and know that in all things you have my best interest and the best interest of my family first and foremost in your heart.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

~ By Darla Noble

Morning Prayer for Family

We hope you found this beautiful prayer to be positive, inspirational and powerful. For more morning prayer ideas, see this article: 5 Morning Prayers to Start Your Day Right.

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    eli says

    thank you for this prayer.

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      Martha. Robinson says

      The prayer.was so.beatiful in all my life i never read.a.most beautiul prayer like this one thank you. Thank. Thank ypu i love jesus so much
      Hes my everything shout out to. Jesus

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      Kofi Boateng says

      I love the prayers I pray this morning

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    Jack says

    Wonderful prayer

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    Luci Loya says

    I just finished this prayer and I feel God will truly bless and answer. Beautiful prayer. Wish I had found it sooner.

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    Tyesha says

    Thank you for this prayer

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      Fra Ank says

      I I love this prayer.i will used this prayer as my morning devotion for my family

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    Angella Brown says

    I love this prayer. This will be my morning prayer from now on. God bless you. Love it ! 💘

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    Olatunji idowu Michael says

    Morning prayers for my family

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    Debra Prater Allen says

    Thank you Lord

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    Gloria says

    This prayer has not only cleared my mind but encompassed all that I needed to pray for my self, my family, childrenallnn al others

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      Love egonu says

      Thank you for the wonderful prayers.Lord hear my prayers in Jesus name amen

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    Milka says

    Amen. Lord hear my prayers I pray.

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    nancy says

    I have loved this prayer,,May God lead and guide my ways from now henceforth.. this shall be my daily prayer

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    Harriet Martey says

    Thank for this awesome prayer energises me in the morning. Feels God’s presence.

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    Tiana Toru says

    Thank you so much for this prayer I have used this prayer in my morning daily routine. Greatly appreciated.

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    Ladipo Kayode Akanni says

    Thank you Lord for this prayer and it’s format.

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    Lucy Testa says

    This has become my morning prayer
    Thank you Jesus.

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    Murumba Dickson says

    Thanks you for this wonderful morning prayer

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    JANET says

    Thank you for a lovely prayer God bless you always..

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    Olamide says

    Thank you for these prayers, I would use it every morning from now on. God bless you!

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    Lula Steele says

    Thank you for this prayer. I needed this to help me and my family daily.

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    Lindeni Phumelele Siphayi says

    Thank you Lord for my answered prayers

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    Kofi Boateng says

    I love this prayer I prayed

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    Vince says

    I would like to thank you , because this covers pretty much for the whole family to pray . Keep the power of prayer every day … and the enemy has no place near u and ur loved ones .
    I’ve seen a miracle in front of my eyes when doctors didn’t know what was wrong with my sister , I actually seen saint nicodemo of Mamola pass in front of my sisters room which was empty and I was crying while looking at her room I had the vision , but my mother was the one balling her eyes out that night and praying to god to please not let her die.The next morning when my mother went to the hospital to see my sister sister , apparently the doctor passed by to sign her release because there was nothing wrong with her but nobody seen this doctor! So ….to tell you as a witness to prayer it is the most powerful tool u can have , God bless all and may your prayers be answered 🙏🙏🙏

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    Mable says

    Very inspirational, I enjoy reading this prayer. Will read it again God bless you all.

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    Lucinda says

    Thanks for this wonderful morning prayer

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