5 Movies with a Christian Message

You don’t have to look far this these days to find movies with a Christian message. In fact, they are as close as your nearest video store or online market. And you can find them in many genres to suit almost anyone. They include Family, Kids, Drama, Suspense/Mystery, Fantasy, Thriller and Humour.

These are high-quality movies that are well written, well acted and that you can show anyone with pride. They are made by Christians who believe that you can share a Christian message in film with excellence.

They also have these things in common. No matter where you live, whether it be PEI or Texas, these movies encourage Christians to love and support one another and show that you don’t have to be someone ‘special’ to be used by God. We all have gifts, talents and abilities including leadership that need to be developed.

Let’s take a look at five great movies that you are going to want to see that have come out in the last five years and are easy to find and purchase.


To Save A Life (Sony Pictures 2010)

To Save A Life movieWhat do you think happens when one of the most popular kids in school has an experience that changes his life forever?

That is what happens to Jake when tragedy strikes his life and he witnesses the suicide of someone who use to be his friend before he became popular and who he had ignored since.

Now Jake looks at himself and keeps asking, “Could I have saved him?” and the answer takes him on a journey that will not only save his life, but also have a profound effect on his family, friends and school.

This movie will challenge you to believe that God can work through anyone’s life and that little acts of kindness can have huge results and even save a life.


Courageous (Tri Star Pictures 2011)

Courageous movieHonour begins at home. This movie is the story of four law enforcement officers who decide that it is time to become more than what society expects them to be. That means becoming the men that God expects them to be.

Is it even possible? Can you honour God and put your family first when all you see is the worst that this world has to offer? Can you make a difference without corrupting your morals? That is what this movie is about—being courageous no matter what.

You will watch as they are tempted to give in and what happens will leave you recognizing in yourself the battle to be courageous and trust God.

By the end of this movie you will have laughed, cried and been moved to become more than what you are, which is what any good movie does.

Moms’ Night Out (Sony Pictures 2014)

Moms' Night Out movieAnyone who has ever taken care of kids for any length of time will absolutely fall in love with this movie. Not only will it keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next, but you will busting a gut laughing at the same time.

All Allyson and her two friends want is a nice, quiet dinner at a fancy restaurant away from their kids and their responsibilities for three hours. They want to wear nice clothes without having to worry about some little person spilling juice all over it. They want to have a grown-up conversation without being interrupted fifty million times. How hard can that be?

It should be simple, because their husbands are watching the kids, right? Not when you are Allyson, the perfect mom. Right from the very start everything goes wrong and the next thing you know they are on a hilarious journey to find her nephew with a big burly gang member and a British taxi cab driver helping them.

Through it all Allyson comes to realize that she does not have to be perfect and that God loves her the way she is. He created her to not only be a great Mom but also a great woman in her own right.

If you want a movie that will not only encourage you but also leave you holding your sides laughing at the end, then this is the movie to watch.


God’s Not Dead (Pure Flix Entertainment 2014)

God's Not Dead movieEveryone comes to a point in their life where they have to stand up for what they believe in. But what happens when your entire university career and future depends on denying a God that you know is real?

That is what happens to Josh Wheaton when he enters Professor Jeffrey Radisson’s (played by Kevin Sorbo) philosophy class and the first thing he wants them to do is to declare that God is dead. Josh cannot do it, and that is when the battle begins.

Radisson challenges Josh to prove that God is not dead and gives him 20 minutes at the end of each class to do it. It is his classmates who decide who is right and who is wrong.

Through it all Josh is encouraged to give up, quit, and just drop the class, but he knows that he can’t because God wants him to do this. Will he pay the price and potentially lose all to defend his faith?

This is an awesome movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for an answer. Also look out for some awesome cameos from the Newsboys and some of the stars from Duck Dynasty.


Do You Believe? (Pure Flix Entertainment 2015)

Do You Believe movieOne of the newest Christian movies to come out, this gripping story of twelve people and the Cross and how they all come to it will leave you emotionally spent by the end of it.

You will follow their stories, you will feel their pain, you will see how both Christians and non Christians are pulled to the Cross through the power of love.

And at the end all their lives come together in an unexpected and incredible way. This movie will keep you in suspense until the very end. I don’t want to give it all away, but for me this is the must see movies for 2015. You will not regret seeing it!


I am so thankful to the Godly people who have stepped up to the plate to create these movies that not only entertain but have a powerful Christian message while doing it.

Christian movies are becoming more and more popular even in mainstream media as people flock to movies that are clean and well done. I highly recommend that you check out these movies and the many others that are available including a great selection of kid-friendly movies as well.

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    Donna says

    I saw all these movies and they are excellent!!

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    Marthann says

    Daryl and I saw Mom’s night out…it was at a local church fund raiser..really funny…it was a good date night..we have God’s Not Dead…

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