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Inspection Due

Why is it we have our automobiles inspected and abide by the laws to have the necessary changes made in order to avoid the REJECTED sticker, but don’t inspect our own lives on a regular basis?

The Word states that if we properly evaluated our lives, we would not be judged. 1 Cor. 11:31 (NAS Version)

For example:

Headlights:  are our eyes watching and alert to be sober minded?

Under the open hood:  what’s coming out of our mouths in our speech, positive or negative?

Brakes:  do we practise self control when needed?

Horn:  is our Praise Level up to snuff, or are we complaining most times?

Steering:  are we headed towards the world or towards the things of God?

Transmission Coolant:  are we sitting on the fence lukewarm,  not hot or cold?

Tires:  are they bald or do they have a good tread – are we tired and worn out or going in the strength of the Lord and being renewed like the eagles?

It’s easy for us to say to one another, ‘oh don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re just human’.

No, that’s not right!

Let’s examine ourselves, not on a yearly basis like our vehicle inspections, but on a daily basis.  Let’s push ourselves to be better than yesterday.  Let’s press on to be the best we can, to make the difference that’s needed.

Instead of a ‘rejected’ sticker, we’ll be marked with a ‘well done my faithful servant’ statement.

Inspection PASSED.

~ By Laurette O’Connor

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