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7 Christian Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts are an excellent way to stay connected and up to date and to learn new things. It is particularly important for Christians to ensure they remain connected to the vine of Jesus Christ in order to grow and bear fruit, which is important for the health and welfare of the body of Christ.

In the hustle and bustle of life where it may be difficult for you to find spare time, it is beneficial to have at your disposal Christian programs that can be downloaded and listened to on any device, whether you are stationary, running errands, or on the way to work or school. These programs are a great resource that strengthen the mind, encourage the individual and bring new insights into ministry work and how to reach others.

To bring you greater light necessary to navigate this world, here are a few Christian podcasts* to get started.

  1. Audioverse is an excellent source of sermons, seminars, and other lecture style programs that take a look at the matters facing individuals and our society from a biblical perspective. With thousands of media-based materials to choose from, you will find a subject to your liking and answers to your questions.
  2. Faith Comes by Hearing makes it possible to take the Word with you wherever you go. This podcast provides the Old and New Testaments in dramatized format, bringing Bible stories and histories to life. Faith comes by Hearing is a great resource for language lovers to practice their skills as it provides access to the Word in hundreds of languages such as French, as well as lesser-used dialects and languages such as Quechua and Welsh.
  3. Focus on the Family is a good source of family information provided by Christians speaking from personal experience, as well as professionals. A brilliant go-to for parenting, marriage, and family advice, I often find myself listening to the discussions aired even if a particular topic does not affect me directly. Focus on the Family is also the source of Adventures in Odyssey, which is great for the kids and for adults who enjoy a good and lively story with a deeper message.
  4. It is Written explores answers to questions that most Christians face in the age we are living, including topics such as family, prophecy, and ways to confront an increasingly secular society. The segment Every Word offers a spiritual boost through a brief devotional that you can listen to on your way out the door or in between appointments.
  5. Unshackled was started in 1950 by Pacific Garden Mission to share the transforming power of Christ’s love with others. In this podcast you will hear dramatized versions of true life conversion stories. You will not only find encouragement from listening to these stories but a reminder of God’s grace and how He can reach any person, anywhere, at anytime.
  6. Voice of Prophecy has been in operation for over 80 years globally. If you are interested in further understanding God’s character, the state of the world and ways of accurately defending your faith, check out this weekly broadcast.
  7. Your Story Hour has been helping children develop a Christ-like character through original stories told by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol for over 50 years. Turn it on before church in the morning, at bedtime, in the car, or even in place of television to help provide the children in your life with the spiritual food they need to grow.

Technology can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how we use it. Listening to podcasts can provide us with a unique opportunity as believers to unite from a distance via a platform from which we can discuss and share our faith with like-minded individuals who understand what it is to endure and “to press towards the goal for the prize of the upward calling of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 3:14).

There are many other podcasts available to keep you grounded in your faith and your mind focused on spiritual things. Unlike Christians in certain parts of the world, we are currently blessed with the freedom and opportunity to have God’s Word at our disposal wherever we are. Let us make use of them so that we can grow and in return help reach and encourage others in their walk.


*Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Android.

~ Delnita McDavid

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