A Dark Journey to Fight Off Fear

One early, dark morning in late November before sunrise, I ran an errand to another town. I needed to cut across country in order to be on time for work.

As I made my way along the route, it was so dark out there, that I momentarily lost my bearings and became disoriented in my surroundings.  The trip seemed endless with no homes in sight. I began to feel uncomfortable; my eyes frantically searching for the car’s gas gauge and clock for reassurance that I was fine.

Funny isn’t it, how quickly you second-guess yourself and allow fear to set in when things become unsettled.  As the car steadily climbed up the terrain’s incline in the pitch dark I suddenly saw light to my left. As I looked over, I saw the town I was approaching off in the distance.

There it was, looking like a little city all by itself, nestled against the dark of night.  It was like seeing gold; like seeing a beautifully lit Christmas tree in the dark.

I wasn’t lost at all, I was halfway there. The end was in sight after all. Oh, what a welcomed sight it was. It was unbelievable to experience how very dark it is just before dawn.  For an instant, I thought of our heavenly home. A city with streets of gold. I thought of our passing over from this life into the Kingdom of God.

How great that city will be when we see its lights. How thankful we will be to have come through the darkness and see the end in sight; that we made it safely to the other side and the trek through the dark times was well worth the effort it took to stay focused and fight off the fear.

The end is in sight; we’re almost there; take courage my friend – you’ll be welcomed there.

~ Written by Laurette O’Connor, Children’s Ministry Supervisor at Faithworks Centre

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    Lynda-Sue says

    Glory to God! Thank you for sharing this very encouraging testimony!
    Amen & Amen!

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