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Four Ways to Cultivate Your Faith

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. ~ Hebrews 11:1

Faith is knowing that something exists even though we cannot see it. We do that every single day in countless ways. For example…

  • We can’t see the water in the water lines, but we have faith that when we turn the faucet on it will come out.
  • We can’t see the electricity traveling through the wiring in our house, but we have faith it will do its thing when we flip a switch.
  • We can’t see what an apple or a steak tastes like, but we have faith that it will taste the way it is supposed to.
  • We cannot see the reaction we call combustion, but we have faith it will happen as part of the process that takes place when we turn the key (or push the button) that starts our car.

I could go on and on but you get the picture, right? So why, then, is it so difficult for us to have faith in God? Why can’t we seem to get it right when it comes to putting our faith in the very one who created and provides every single thing we have no problem putting our faith in?

Faith is essential for having a relationship with God. Without it, a relationship simply cannot exist. We can’t know someone, depend on someone, or love someone we don’t believe in… have faith in. So let’s get down to the business of cultivating your faith.

1. Spend time in the Word

When you spend time reading and studying the Bible, you get to know God better. And the better you get to know God, the more convinced you will be that he is willing and capable to do anything and everything he says he can.

2. Look for God

Just like we look for the water to come pouring out of the faucet or the lights to light up, we need to look for God in the everyday comings and goings of our life. And I can promise you this: when you look for God you will find him. He will never hide from you. Most importantly, when you see God your faith will grow because you will know that even when you don’t see Him He is there.

But what does it mean to ‘look for God’? It means not taking things for granted. It is giving God credit for the fact that the sun comes up each day because he says it can. It is giving God credit for the fact that you make it to work each day safely and have the ability to do your job.

3. Ask for faith

The Bible tells us that God will give us whatever we ask for if we ask according to his will. And it is most definitely God’s will for us to have faith. Ask for faith each and every day. But remember…when you ask for faith you need to be ready for God to give you opportunities to use it.

4. Use your faith

Have you ever made bread? If so, you know what happens when you add the yeast to the dough. It grows. The yeast ‘explodes’—causing the dough to expand.

Or have you seen the little tiny washcloths that are folded into shapes like flowers, triangles, hearts, or even the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head? They’re about 2 inches in diameter when you purchase them. But when you put them in the water they begin to ‘grow’. In under a minute or two they become a full-sized washcloth.

Yeast and ‘magic’ washcloths are a lot like faith. We have to use them in order for them to grow. We can’t just say we have faith. We have to practice faith. We have to let go of things—things like worry, money problems, fears, trying to control the people and situations in your life. We have to believe God can and will take care of them for us.

Something else about yeast, ‘magic’ washcloths, and faith—once you use these things, they’ll never go back to the way they were before you did. You can’t put the yeast back in the package. The washcloth will never be able to be folding into a compact two-inch piece of cloth again, and your faith will never be as small and your level of reluctance will never be where it was prior to using it ever again.

Learn… look… ask… use. That’s how faith is cultivated.

For a great lesson in faith, read Job, chapters 38-42

~ By Darla Noble

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