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Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead: Work as Unto the Lord

There are many things in our lives that can make us unhappy or discontented. We may be going through a difficult experience, whether a minor issue or a huge traumatic event. Or we may be feeling like we’re in a rut at our job or our place in life, whatever that may be at the moment.


Everyone Goes through Seasons

One thing to remember is that nothing lasts forever. The tragedies and heartache we go through will some day pass and seem less significant and in the end won’t compare to the glory that awaits us. God is ultimately in control and can get us through anything. With Him we can get to the other side. And there will be another side.

We go through many seasons in life. Some we bring on ourselves while others are forced on us by others exercising free will. Still other seasons we are put through because God wanted to teach us something or strengthen us somehow. No matter what the case may be, God can and will use these seasons for our good.

So while we’re waiting in the storm or even just in an uncomfortable place, we can rest assured that God is with us and will use every single part of that season, including all of our tears and heartache, for our good.


God Knows What He’s Doing

It’s easy, though, to question God and His reasons behind what He does. We don’t have the whole picture, so things that go on around us may seem crazy or even downright harsh. But we don’t have God’s perspective. We can’t see things from God’s perspective because it is so beyond our human comprehension, and that’s a good thing. That means we can sit back and not worry about what’s going to happen or how it’s going to happen. It’s a good thing because it means someone with way more power, knowledge, and righteousness than us – someone perfect, in fact – is in charge.

God has us where he wants us and is moving us from glory to glory. He’s using the different seasons we go through to help us grow and to further His kingdom. We just have to trust Him.


Let God Use the Little Things

No matter what we do, we need to do it as if we were doing it for the Lord because, in all reality, we are. First of all, since our ultimate purpose here on earth is to glorify God, everything we do is meant to do just that. Whether big or small, everything we do is a reflection of our true nature, and as children of God, that nature should be to glorify God.

Now you may be thinking, I’ve done some things in my lifetime that have not been very glorifying to God. We all have. Those were the times when we exercised free will and chose to act out of our human nature instead of our spiritual nature.

Then there are all the simple mundane things we do. People often wonder how we can really glorify God through things like washing dishes, working on a budget, or watching TV with our family. The truth is everything we do is part of a bigger purpose that can be glorifying to God. For example, washing dishes or any household chore is a part of taking care of your family, which honors God. Working on a budget is part of being fiscally responsible and honoring God with our finances. Watching TV with our family can be part of developing family relationships, which honors God.

Everything we do can be a way to honor and glorify God. It’s just that we don’t always think about it that way. It’s easy to just fly through these everyday activities without considering how we could use them to glorify God.


Let God Use Your Job

Our jobs or careers are another outlet where we can glorify God in many ways. If we approach our jobs in the same way, thinking of doing what we do as though we’re doing it for the Lord, suddenly our perspective shifts. Suddenly, we’re not just trudging through our work, doing the bare minimum with a bad attitude, just waiting for Friday. We’re no longer keeping our head down, not paying attention to the people around us and not looking any deeper than the surface of what we’re asked to do.

If we work as though it were all for Jesus, we’re going to try our best and give it all we’ve got because we want to please Him and want Him to be proud of us. We’re going to go to work with a positive attitude, and look forward to going to work every day just to see how God will use us. We’re going to go with our head up, paying attention to the people around us looking for ways to serve them or witness to them. We’ll look deeply into what we do, and we’ll always be able to find ways God can use us.

In everything we do, do it as unto the Lord.

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