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Taking Off in Prayer


Have you ever flown in a jet aircraft?

It’s been years since I worked that job as Flight Attendant.

I remember the experience of take-off.  First you slowly taxi down the runway awaiting permission from the Control Tower, and as the command is given with the runway cleared and engines revving and she begins to pick up speed, the jet begins to vibrate and you feel the speed ever increase at a pace you never experienced before, with your heart beating faster each second.

Suddenly, the craft lifts off and you feel pinned to your seat as the angle of the jet climbs higher, nose up to the sky.  You can feel the clouds cause turbulence as the plane thrashes and is jostled about slightly.

But as it reaches its summit, there is calm.  The feeling is almost like being in a glider.

So it is in prayer.  Our flesh fights against the spirit. It lets us know all too well of the tumultuous situations we are in, but it’s then that we need to cast down those thoughts and imaginations.  It can take quite a few moments, but if you hold tight and refuse to let it ‘take you there’ to defeat, you will win.

You’ve taken off; you’re fighting the turbulence and suddenly you’re there, in the peace and calm. You’re there in the Spirit.

Now, give Him your praise and thanks. Give him love and adoration and you’re there in His throne room with Him.  You’re there, and He’s listening.

It’s here that He’ll talk with you because He is listening.  You are important to Him; your needs are important.  He will respond, just like the Control Tower to the flight Captain… listen and obey.   It’s well worth the trip.


~ Written by Laurette O’Connor, Children’s Ministry Supervisor at Faithworks Centre

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