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God’s Purpose for Your Life

Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I alive?

These are the questions so many of us ask at least once in our lives, if not daily. If we don’t have a purpose, then what on earth are we doing here? Are we just meant to work, make money, pay our bills, have a few fun times and a few bad times, and then raise children who will grow up to do the exact same thing?

If we have no purpose, everything we do here on earth is meaningless.

But, as Christians, we do have a purpose. Really, everyone has a purpose, whether they believe in God or not, but those who don’t believe may never truly discover what that purpose is. They may never feel the peace that comes with knowing you’re doing exactly what God called you to do.

So what is that purpose? Well, there’s a simple answer and a more complex answer.

Simply put, everybody on planet earth has the same big purpose – we’re here to praise God and bring Him glory. We’re here to further His kingdom.

The more complex answer is in how we accomplish this individually.

God doesn’t do anything by mistake. He has placed you wherever you are and whenever you are on purpose, for a purpose. Still, sometimes discovering that purpose is difficult. Another thing to consider is that oftentimes your specific purpose changes over time and with different circumstances.

This is why it’s so necessary to keep seeking God about it. Stay close to Him so you can hear His calling and sense His leading. But here are a few first steps to discovering your purpose.

  1. Pray about it. It sounds simple, but it’s necessary. How many times have we agonized over a decision and forgotten to go to God first. It may take a while because it will be revealed in God’s time, but keep asking Him to show you your purpose. While you pray, it’s always a good idea to keep a prayer journal. Write out your prayers. This helps you stay focused on your prayer and really dig deep. Then be still and listen for God’s words. Let them flow to you and write down what you hear and feel from Him. What is He trying to tell you?
  2. Read God’s word. God will often speak to you through His word, even if it’s the same passage you’ve read a hundred times. His word is always new, and He can use it to speak to you in different ways as He sees fit.
  3. Seek Godly advice. Talk to people you trust and respect and ask them for their input. Take a spiritual gifts test. Go to church, listen to sermons, read articles, watch Christian movies, surround yourself with Godly people who will both encourage and challenge you. Fill yourself with the things of God. The more you fill yourself with God, the more you shove the world out. Because you have to remember, God’s purpose for you may be very different from what the world tells you.
  4. Look through your life. What have you been through? What have you learned? What has shaped you and made you who you are today? As you reflect on your past and how it has led to your present, think about how God might want to use your experiences and the lessons you’ve learned to fulfill your purpose now. What unique things has he taught you? What unique knowledge and life experience can you bring to the table to further His kingdom? As you look at your present, ask yourself what things you enjoy and where you find fulfillment. How might you incorporate those things into God’s calling for you? Of course, there may be negative things in your life, too, that can distract you from God’s purpose. You must ask God to help you get rid of those things before you can truly fulfill His purpose for you.

Once you discover God’s purpose for your life at this moment, then it’s time for you to act on it, even if it seems crazy or impossible. In fact, chances are it will seem crazy and impossible because God holds us to a high standard. He doesn’t often call us to things we can do ourselves. If we’re really going to let God use us, He will use us to carry out things that require His help. He wants us to lean on Him.

The good news is, God will not fail in giving us that help. Some of the help is ongoing as you daily ask for His strength, perseverance, wisdom, and will power. But some of His help you already have.

The truth is, if God has given you a specific purpose to carry out during your specific time here on earth, then He has placed inside you everything you need to accomplish that purpose. Just like an employer wouldn’t tell an employee to do a job without the proper resources, God wouldn’t leave you stranded either. He’s given you gifts, talents, specific personalities with unique characteristics, and grace…lots of grace.

He has equipped you. You just need to get out there and start moving, even if it seems too hard or it’s not what you want to do. Trust God. He knows what He’s doing. Trust God’s process and timing. He may have something even better for you down the road, but you have to fulfill your current purpose first.

No matter what stage of life God has you in right now, if you are in the middle of God’s purpose, there is no greater feeling on earth. Living in His will pushes aside all fear and doubt and leaves only peace.


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