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Stirring That Special Recipe

Can you remember a time in your past when cooking that perhaps your g’mother, aunt, or your own dear mother asked you to stir for a while she attended to some other important matter in the kitchen?

Was it perhaps her stew, custard pudding, or better yet the beginnings of a pot of delicious fudge?

Didn’t you feel so good, so important, to be a part of this big undertaking… not realizing that this was the easy part, unlike the tough task of stirring that big batch of thick molasses cookies, or the huge bowl of bread dough.

Oh, it’s so hard to turn that spoon… it seems to be in slow motion, as the arm burns in its turning.  But the results are so enjoyable.

And so it can be in our Christian lives that we let someone stir our pot of faith… our Christian friends; that favourite Christian T.V. show or movie; even our own pastor – but time’s up,  that’s enough stirring,  now we must take up the cause,  as scripture compels us, even if it feels hard and slow.

Stir it up!  Get out of the comfort lane.

Work that muscle – stir up that gift of God… soon you will see that the results will be so worth it, and now you can be the one helping someone else.

~ Laurette O’Connor


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